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Welcome to The Training Club Pass

The Training Club Pass designed as a membership program and provides access to discounted training sessions, expert guidance, and ongoing support for your canine companion's once a course is completed.

Experience Excellence with The Training Club Pass While it's natural to feel like your dog may need frequent top-up lessons after completing a course, our experience shows that this is rarely the case. Our structured courses are designed to equip both you and your dog with the skills and knowledge needed for long-term obedience and behavioural excellence. With expert guidance and personalised training plans, you'll be amazed at the progress your dog can achieve with just a little bit of consistency and dedication.

The Training Club Pass Explained And Benefits

What is The Training Club Pass? The Training Club Pass is an exclusive membership program tailored for dog owners who have completed a training course with us and want to maintain their dog's skills and behaviour over time. It provides a flexible and cost-effective way to access additional training sessions as needed, ensuring that your dog's education remains consistent and effective. Benefits of The Training Club Pass Continued Support Enjoy continued access to expert training guidance and support from our experienced trainer Sue, even after completing a training course. Sue will work with you to address any new challenges or behaviours that may arise as your dog matures. Flexible Top-Up Lessons Take advantage of discounted rates on individual training sessions, allowing you to book top-up lessons at your convenience without the commitment of a full course. This flexibility ensures that you can address specific training needs as they arise, whether it's reinforcing obedience commands, addressing behavioural issues, or fine-tuning skills. Cost-Effective Solution Save money on training sessions with our exclusive membership rates, offering greater value for your investment in your dog's ongoing education. The Training Club Pass makes it affordable to prioritise your dog's training needs without breaking the bank. Who Can Join? The Training Club Pass is open to dog owners who have completed a training course with us and wish to continue their dog's training journey with top-up lessons in the future. Whether you're seeking to maintain your dog's skills, address new behaviours, or simply enjoy ongoing training support, The Training Club Pass offers a valuable resource for you and your best friend.

How Much Will You Save?

Puppy Top Up Lesson £45 - 1 hour session - Saving £50 Each Session

Adult Top Up Lessons £55 - 1.5 hour session - Saving £40 Each (Session Normally £95)

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