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Dogs in line Canine Behaviourist 

With over 20 years of experience in dog training across Sussex, Sue is a highly respected professional in the field. Based in Fulking, West Sussex, near Brighton, she has earned a reputation for excellence in treating a wide range of behavioural problems in adult dogs. Sue's journey in the world of dog training began with her lifelong dream of working with dogs. Her passion was ignited during her tenure at a renowned kennel in West Sussex, where she gained invaluable experience in breeding and showing world-class German Shepherd Dogs. As part of her role, she was involved in the whelping, rearing, and training of puppies, providing her with a deep understanding of canine behaviour and development. Driven by her passion and dedication, Sue pursued further education, completing a two-year NVQ in Animal Care and Canine Behaviour, supplemented by ongoing home studies. Drawing from her extensive experience and education, Sue has developed a unique home puppy training program aimed at ensuring puppies and their owners get the best start possible. Sue's training is personalised, fun, and highly effective, fostering confidence in owners by addressing their dogs' behaviour through tailored lessons conducted in the comfort of their own homes. Whether it's addressing issues like pulling on the lead, poor recall, or aggression, Dogs in Line offers passive training methods adapted to each individual case. Plus, with a unique, friendly approach and nearly a decade of experience in the dog training business, Sue comes highly recommended, having helped hundreds of dogs and their owners achieve success At Dogs in Line, my approach to dog training is far from one-size-fits-all. Drawing upon a combination of common sense, extensive experience, and scientific principles, I tailor my methods to the unique needs of each dog and their owner. By integrating practical knowledge with evidence-based techniques, I strive to provide effective solutions that address the specific challenges faced by every canine companion. With a focus on understanding the individual dynamics of each dog-human relationship, my methods are designed to promote harmony, trust, and lasting results.

"From the start, she gave us confidence and has been an unerring source of support, advice and warm good humour.  We cannot thank her enough.  She is full of good common sense and kindness, and clearly has a gift for understanding dogs and their behaviour - good and bad."

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Bring the Screen to Life with Sue's Media Work

Bring the Screen to Life with Sue's Media Work


TV Series: BBC2's Six Puppies And Us

Colette's Story with Lola the Labradoodle

Discover how Colette, a head injury survivor, and her furry friend Lola, trained by Sue, defied all odds and regained independence. Their journey was documented in the hit BBC2 series, "Six Puppies and Us."

TV Series: The Peter Andre My Life

Pugs and Puppy Love with Peter Andre and Sue

Sue joins forces with Peter Andre and his family to train their two pug puppies, Charlie and Porridge.

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