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Sue is amazing! She visited us before our puppy Pug Frank came home and gave us some great advice on how to prepare ourselves and our house for his arrival. I'd read so many conflicting pieces of advice so it was great to be able to ask a professional. Sue came back a week after Frank came home with the plan of giving us advice on house training. Frank is our first family pup and so we were oblivious to the fact that Frank was very very unwell. Sue noticed a few things and advised us to take him to the vet. To cut a very long and distressing story short Frank was taken in immediately and put in oxygen. The next morning they arranged for us to take Frank to the Royal College of Vets. He spent 9 days there and had a long list of problems. We were told to expect the worst but Frank is a fighter and didn't give up. He's now back at home and full of beans. Sue came round tonight and gave us so ready more great tips on training, walking and dealing with his teething.

I would recommend Sue highly to anyone for how good she has been and a huge help to us but also have to say we owe her Frank's life too. We were told he was HOURS from dying when we took him in and we would never have known if it wasn't for Sue. We shall always be in her debt. She is a truly lovely wonderful person .Thank you Sue from all of us and Frank.

Frank Pug Puppy tuition Plus Brighton, West Sussex

We asked Sue for guidance with Jake within weeks of getting him as a puppy. He was all the things you would expect from an untrained young puppy and had a real passion for chewing, mouthing everything as he teethed. He didn’t like walking on a lead and used to drag me everywhere, Similarly, we still had the odd toilet training problem and I was beginning to think I had made a bad decision in getting him, as my furniture gradually fell apart. Sue came and within a couple of hours we felt a huge sense of relief. She trained the whole family and gave us simple guidance which ensured we were all giving the same commands. Even my small daughter wasn’t scared he would push her over anymore. It was a massive relief and very quickly we managed to guide Jake toward being the brilliant obedient, loving and fun dog which he is today. Sue is amazing; friendly, approachable and brilliantly experienced. I cannot recommend her highly enough or give her enough praise. Gill and Family Jake 12 Weeks Labradore


We brought Sue in to train our 9 week old St Bernard “Barney”. From what we picked up and learnt from her training we could not thank her enough. For the size of his breed and his stubbornness he has quickly picked up instructions with minimal fuss. We thought our first trip to the park with Sue would be extremely nerve racking outside of Barney's comfort zone. We couldn’t have been more wrong, not only did he socialise without problems but he also obeyed and followed commands (with the assistance of some Arden Grange liver paste). Barney's toilet training, general obedience and manner around other people and dogs has been nothing short of fantastic , and we owe this entirely to Sue and the training she provided. She has always been approachable and we will recommend her to anyone who requires help with their pup! Shaune ,9 week old St Bernard Burgess Hill

I contacted Sue when my Miniature Schnauzer puppy (Flossie) was around 10 weeks old.  At that point we had had her for a couple of weeks and I was beginning to think we’d made a mistake.  As a new puppy owner that made me feel really guilty as Flossie is adorable, but what was gentle nipping was becoming more painful as her teeth were getting sharper and my two children (aged 10 and 8) were starting to get hurt.  I had read lots of puppy books and online advice but I didn’t really know what to do.  Sue came highly recommended, and I had read the comments on her website so I realised that other people had also gone through similar problems at this stage. We had Two sessions, both of which were incredibly useful. Although she did give Flossie some basic training, I really felt as though she was training us, and really that is what was needed as were doing a few things to make the situation worse.  It’s really clear to me now that books are not a substitute for practical hands on experience and advice, as Sue gave us lots of information that simply cannot be read. At the end of the two sessions we all felt so much more confident about how to handle Flossie’s behaviour and how to help her develop into a well behaved and happy dog. I know that we will probably use Sue again as Flossie gets older and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to other dog owners – in fact I already have! Helen and family, 10 week mini Schnauzer, Haywards Heath.


We contacted Sue to help us with our new cockapoo puppy, Harry. We had two sessions with her which provided an immense amount of useful advice and assistance from how to deal with teething to socialising with other dogs to walking him off his lead. Harry was immediately comfortable with Sue and reacted to her training methods perfectly. By the time she left us on her first visit he was sitting and staying whilst the front door was opened. An amazing amount of progress ! We would recommend Sue to any new puppy owners.Susanne and family 12 Week Cockapoo, Littlehampton.

Just a few words to say a big thank you for all the help you have given us with Onion.  I have learnt that your consultation is not to train the dog – that is our job.  You train us to train him.  We learnt so much during your consultation which helped us iron a few things out in the home and understand more about what puppies are going through with teething and why they do things.  Your reassurance that we were doing things right and gentle and non-judgemental guidance on how we could do things better has really helped us.  What really has amazed me is how well Onion is now walking to heel after just a few days of adopting your technique – really really great.  Thanks so much Sue and in the nicest possible way, I hope we won’t have to call you again!  Lana, Hurstpierpoint West Sussex

Ozzy is our first dog and when he came into our family we frankly had no idea about how to handle him.  Invariably we were doing all the wrong things!  Sue very quickly taught us the right and wrong things to do and the results were fantastic.We have a very calm, friendly well behaved puppy and he has a wealth of tricks already! We would have no hesitation in recommending Dogs in Line to anyone.

Bill and Family Hurstpierpoint Ozzy 9 week Labradoodle


Thanks for all your help with Alfie. Owning a dog was a new experience for us so, having adopted an adorable twelve week old terrier cross puppy, we were keen to learn as much as possible before we made too many mistakes. We found Sue’s ‘Getting to know your Puppy’ sessions invaluable, she covered every aspect of owning a puppy and gave really good advice. Sue immediately put us at ease and reassured us that Alfie’s behaviour was typical of a young puppy. Sue has a fantastic knowledge and understanding of dogs and was able to show our 14 year old daughter how to get Alfie to sit, lie down and roll over, she has really enjoyed training him and has been amazed by how quickly he has picked up these tricks. Sue came back a couple of weeks later and walked Alfie with us, again giving lots of good advice. Under her guidance we were able to let Alfie off the lead for the first time. Something which we wouldn’t have had the confidence to do on our own at such a young age. Sue was wonderful with Alfie and it meant a lot to us when she told us that we were doing a good job. We have continued to try and put into practice Sue’s advice and are all gaining in confidence. We can’t thank you enough Sue, with your help we now feel a lot more relaxed with Alfie and are really enjoying owning a dog.                          

Susanna, Graham, Shannon & Alfie 12 week Jrt X, Crawley

Sue helped us straight from the beginning.  We asked her for her advice on getting a family dog,  as we have never owned a dog previously and have two small children.  She guided us on a practical level and with her extensive knowledge of dogs was  able to help us short list.  We now have a wonderful Miniature Australian Labradoodle called Wellington. She was wonderful teaching our two little ones to be in command of Wellington, which has been lovely to see.  She warned us when Wellington would start teething, what his behaviour would be like through his first 6 months. Due to this he has turned out to be a fantastic, calm little puppy. I still call her if I have any problems, which is very rare. She has been an amazing trainer and I would highly recommend her. Andy 10 week Labradoodle, Hove East Sussex.


When we got our first labrador puppy, Lulu, I felt really lost as to how to train her and Sue’s help was invaluable.  She taught me how to teach Lulu and that made it fun.  A year later we braved ourselves for our second puppy and Belle proved to be a handful indeed!  She was a tiny little thing but so aggressive, biting everything and everyone and growling and it made us, especially our little daughter, so sad.  There was no way, we thought, we could love this thing.  In desperation I rang Sue again to ask for her opinion.  She came and checked the situation out, put our minds at ease that there was nothing wrong with the puppy, and showed us how to do things differently this time.  And now, seven months on, Belle is growing into a lovely dog, very affectionate and sweet, still very boisterous but we can manage that.  I think that the secret to this success was down to Sue’s advice to do a little one-to-one training every day.  Although I don’t manage to do that all the time, whenever I feel it necessary I start doing this again for a while and behaviour improves.  Would highly Recommend working with Sue - she is first class Lulu & Bella Labradors, Lindfield


We decided to get some help with our Maisie straight away as we had little experience with a puppy so young and wanted to ensure we did everything we could to bring up a happy , well trained puppy and member of the family.It was great to see Maisie respond so well to Sue and the advice she gave us has been invaluable as Maisie is growing up. Maisie has grown into a responsive , happy teenager and it is great to know that we can still call on Sue for help and support should we need it. We Would highly recommend Sue puppy course to anyone with a new puppy ! Jo 10 week cocker spaniel, Hurstpierpoint.

My husband and I, and our two young daughters are the very proud owners of two 6 Month old Estrela Mountain dogs, brother and sister named Chewie and Bobba, They are adorable in every way, but were a nightmare when it came to walking them. We attended the usual village hall puppy classes from as early as 3 months, and had managed to train them to obey many commands, but they would just not walk to heel at all no matter what we tried, and due to their size and strength we were finding it impossible to take them out without almost being pulled over each time! After exploring a couple of other ways of training them, including various leads and harnesses, and becoming very disheartened, and desperate about the situation, I googled dog trainers, and found Sue at Dogs in Line. I explained to Sue our problem and she was able to come and visit our home within days of my call. Our first session was free, which I thought was great, as it really gave me and the pups a chance to get to know Sue, and for Sue to get to see how the pups fitted into our busy family way of life. Within the first session I saw some progress, at least enough to believe in what Sue could do for us. We booked up a following 3 more sessions for the next few weeks, and the progress was staggering. Not only was the progress staggering for seeing how Chewie and Bobba had adapted, but as importantly, it gave me the confidence to believe that I COULD do this, and that the pups weren’t going to take me for a walk, but that I could actually be in control and take them for a walk! Sue was so kind and warm towards Chewie and Bobba, it was obvious that she had taken to them, and was keen to train them, so that we could enjoy them to their full potential. I found Sue very approachable and honest in her comments. She was also very supportive of what I had already achieved with our pups, and this was very nice to hear. I have already recommended her to my friends, and would strongly recommend her and her approach to help anyone with a dog problem. I am delighted to say that I can now walk Chewie and Bobba at the same time, on my own, even with a toddler in tow too!! Thank you So much x Chewie & Bobba 6 months Estrela Mountain dogs, Haywards Heath 


When we first bought our Boxer puppy Bobby home with us, we were very excited and couldn’t wait to start training him. We bought the books, watched lots of stuff online, and took him to classes. It didn’t take long for us to be at out wits end with him - very cute, but very naughty - running off, pulling on his lead, chewing everything, he wouldn’t sit, lie down, stay...the list goes on..! We started to think he was ‘un-trainable’, and even though we were used to Boxers and their crazy behaviour, Bobby was really a whole new experience!Sue was recommended to us, and within minutes of meeting her we were delighted she had been! She truly understands dogs, and ‘got’ Bobby straight away. He basically transformed into a different dog over the course of a couple of sessions and what I found was so different about the approach was that Sue trains the owners as much as the dog - pointing out where we were going wrong, how we could send him mixed messages etc - as well as showing us how to do it the right way. Bobby is still a crazy Boxer and always will be, but I’m now confident to let him off the lead, enjoy walks, he doesn’t chew things that aren’t his and he has stopped pulling on the lead so much that even my 4 year old daughter is happy to hold his lead. In short - highly recommended and a big thank you to Sue.  

Billy and family, Littlehampton.


We contacted Sue last year to help us find the right family dog.  We now have Rusty - an apricot/red Cockerpoo.  He is everything we hoped to have and more.  Without Sue’s wealth of knowledge and experience, we would not have had such a successful outcome.  From the start, she gave us confidence and has been an unerring source of support, advice and warm good humour.  We cannot thank her enough.  She is full of good common sense and kindness, and clearly has a gift for understanding dogs and their behaviour - good and bad.  We had had dogs before, but much is forgotten about the early months of a puppy’s life, so having Sue at hand was much like have our own walking encyclopaedia and we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have her still at the end of a phone line.

Vannessa and Family, Hasssocks

Sue was recommended to us by a friend, she has been fantastic from the pre arrival session to help us prepare for collecting our puppy to the first training session and his first walk off the lead. 

More importantly I think she has done an amazing job at training us! Sue has given us confidence and knowledge, to know how to look after our puppy and to start training him. Our puppy loved Sue and enjoyed the sessions, as did we! I would have no hesitation in recommending Sue, her help is invaluable.

Jerry 12 week Schz

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