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1-2-1 Puppy Training With Dogs In Line


Option One 
121 Puppy Training


The initial session

This personalised service takes place in your own home with the whole family, children are encouraged to get involved in the consultation and in the ongoing training. Together we will cover common early behavioural traits such as how to house training your puppy, how to manage teething and biting, the importance of a well socialised puppy, how to preventing future behavioural problems. Sue will also have your puppy sitting - staying/waiting and learning how to lay down by the end of your first visit! 

You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions about your puppy. Its Sue goal to give you a working understanding on how your puppy develops as well as how to work with your puppies ready forming personality and breed specific behaviour traits you can see the full list below as well as the cost.

The second session

Once your puppy is fully vaccinated the second visit will mostly take place outside. Together you will go for a walk Sue... Will show you how to get your puppy walking on the lead, how to teach your puppy on how to greet stranger and dogs politely, as well as letting your puppy off lead generally for the first time so she can show your how to teach your puppy to come back to you (recall) in a safe environment. This special tuition is packed full of invaluable advice and knowledge, It’s hardly surprising that Sue’s individual approach is often described by clients as “remarkable” 


What are course will cover...

First session -  Two hours

 House training made easy

 Preventing biting and mouthing, what to expect, management 

 Puppy behaviour and learning

 Family relationships and children playing

 Puppy’s Needs - diet, chewing, exercise

 Socialisation - The importance of a well socialised puppy 

 Grooming and handling

 Breed specific behaviour traits

 Puppies home alone

 Preventing future behavioural problems

 Training - sit, stay, down, off, leave, whistle training

 Manners - Front door, greeting, playing 

 Tricks such as - Paw, roll over

Second Lesson  - One hour

Walking on the lead

Outside commands - Such as sit, stay and come

Crossing the road - Sit, wait and over

Meet and greet - How to greet stranger and dogs politely

Socialisation - Other dogs, people, places and traffic

Letting of the lead for the first time 

How to teach a good recall 

Plus: You will get a free puppy training booklet written by Sue Venn that is packed full of information!

Puppy Tuition Course


Price - WAS £195 - NOW £185 

Save £10 this month with our February special! Offer end's 29th Feb!​


Payment are to be paid in full via our booking system or on the first lesson. 24 hour cancellation policy. Payments are non-refundable once the course has started. Please read full T&C's here


Booking online is easy - simply select your preferred date and time and Sue will be their! You can choose to pay online or on the day!


You can fill in our contact form below and we will get right back to you or you can call us on 07740 141 174

If you would like to Sue to call you about puppy training please fill in the form below or you can book on line HERE

Thanks message has been sent!


"We contacted Sue to help us with our new cockapoo puppy, Harry. We had two sessions with her which provided an immense amount of useful advice and assistance from how to deal with teething to socialising with other dogs to walking him off his lead. Harry was immediately comfortable with Sue and reacted to her training methods perfectly. By the time she left us on her first visit he was sitting and staying whilst the front door was opened. An amazing amount of progress ! We would recommend Sue to any new puppy owners"

Harry 12 week Cockerpoo from Littlehampton

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