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The Popular Course

Is your dog dragging you down the street on walks? Struggling with behavioural blips? Just lacking a few polite pooch manners? Look no further!
Our personalised training course is the paw-fect solution for all your dog's issues.

The Assessment £65

Initially, your dog will need an assessment. This behavioural assessment should be in the relaxed and familiar environment of your home. It's the ideal place for dog-friendly introductions and a natural opportunity to discuss any issues in detail. Sue will also talk through your dog's background, household structure, diet and exercise routine. Sue will probably recommend a quick walk, so she can get an overall picture of the problems that you're experiencing.  At the end of the assessment, Sue will discuss your dog's behaviour and the likely cause. Most importantly, Sue will tell you what can be done about it, and advise you on the best course of action. If training is required, Sue will help you decide which courses would be most suitable, and how it will be tailored to you and your dog.

The Popular Course Details

Confidence is key for any dog owner, and at Dogs In Line, we excel at bringing out the best in you and your furry companion. With Sue's expert guidance, each one-on-one lesson is tailored to your unique needs, empowering you to tackle your dog's behaviour with confidence in real-world environments. Course Details: Our popular course offers four and a half hours of dedicated personal instruction, divided into three separate 1.5-hour visits. Lessons are strategically spaced over a period of days or weeks, allowing you ample time to implement and practice the techniques you've learned while accommodating your busy schedule. Who is it for? This course is perfect for dogs displaying a range of issues, from pulling on the lead to mild behavioural challenges or simply lacking certain manners both at home and outdoors. Book Today: Ready to take the first step towards a harmonious relationship with your furry friend? You can book your assessment online or fill in the form below, and we'll get back to you promptly! Training Club Pass: When you enroll in a course with us, you'll gain access to the Training Club Pass—an exclusive membership for dog owners who have completed training with us. Enjoy discounted top-up lessons for life, ensuring that you can always provide the best support for your furry friend whenever needed.

The Popular Course £285

The Popular Course £285

Don't forget - Sue will schedule all course bookings after discussing them during the initial assessment.

Contact Us Today Or Book Your Assessment Online...

Booking online is easy - simply select your preferred date and time and Sue will be their! You can choose to pay online or on the day! 

Sue can help! 
From Recall to Reactivity: Sue's 20+ Years of Expertise Cover All Behaviours

✅ Social problems and confidence building

✅ Sue can help you understanding your dog

✅ Dog to dog aggression

✅ Human aggression

✅ Lead reactivity 

✅ Anxiety issues

✅ Pulling on the lead

✅ Recall problems

✅ Hyperactivity and attention seeking

✅ House training issues in adult dogs

✅ Counter surfing and food stealing

✅ Coprophagia (eating poo)

✅ Plus any other unwanted behaviour...

✅ All training methods are passive, adapted to the individual case

✅ All lessons are based around your home and timetable.

✅ Dogs in Line only charges per client not per dog, so if you have more than one dog it won't cost you anymore! 

Sue can help! 
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"Even after our initial consultation with Sue’s advice we had started to make progress with Clyde. After only 4 sessions with Sue we now have a totally different dog!"

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Save on future lessons!

What's the training club pass and who can join?

The Training Club Pass is open to dog owners who have completed a training course with us and wish to continue their dog's training journey with top-up lessons in the future. Whether you're seeking to maintain your dog's skills, address new behaviours, or simply enjoy ongoing training support, The Training Club Pass offers a valuable resource for you and your best friend.

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