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121 Puppy training in Sussex

Don't wait for puppy classes - start training your puppy today!
By starting training in the comfort of your own home, you'll be giving your puppy the ultimate gift of early education and socialisation. And with Dogs in Line's puppy training, you can start as early as 8 weeks or even before your puppy comes home!

Why choose my personalised tuition ?

Owning a puppy is not always easy and knowing “what is the right thing to do” can be very challenging and rather over whelming. Especially with all of the advice and mixed messages out there. If you knew what to do from the start, and had proper support, then things would be a lot smoother. With this in mind I have created specific puppy programs, that will equip you and your family with the essential skills and, knowledge on how to raise your puppy from the word go. This special tuition creates clear lines of communication that will help your puppy to develop in a positive way.

Check out Sue's puppy training below or call her today on 07771573963

Puppy Training Options


Option One
The Puppy Tuition Course
Ages between 8 weeks & 5 month

Thousands of puppies across Sussex have benefited from this course over the last 20+ years, setting them up for a lifetime of success.


This personalised service takes place in your own home with the whole family, children are encouraged to get involved in the consultation and in the ongoing training. Together we will cover common early behavioural traits such as how to house training your puppy, how to manage teething and biting, the importance of a well socialised puppy, how to preventing future behavioural problems.


Option Two 
The Pre-Puppy Course
From 7 weeks to 5 months

This is the perfect course if you feel you would like guidance before your puppy arrives consisting of Three personal visits altogether.


We will cover everything you need to know... Such as


✓ Settling your puppy in - First day, night, week

✓ What equipment to buy - Food, toys, bedding 

✓ Introducing him to your family - Kids, visitors, pets

✓ House training

✓ Biting and teething management 

✓ Training to come to the whistle, stay, stay, and down.


Click on the full course details to find out more


The Teen Top Up Course
From Age 6 to 8 months 

Is your teenage puppy testing boundaries or showing signs of teenage rebellion? Our Teen Top-Up Course is designed to provide personalised training and support for puppies aged 6 to 8 months, helping you navigate this crucial developmental stage with confidence and ease.

Pulling on the lead

Manners - How to meet people and other dogs

Recall training 

✓  Jumping up

✓  Mouthing and Nipping

✓ Boundary Testing

✓ Still having house Training Accidents?


Click on find out more to book and full course details

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Save With The Training Club Pass

What's the training club pas and who can join?

The Training Club Pass is open to dog owners who have completed a training course with us and wish to continue their dog's training journey with top-up lessons in the future. Whether you're seeking to maintain your dog's skills, address new behaviours, or simply enjoy ongoing training support, The Training Club Pass offers a valuable resource for you and your best friend.

Barking up the Right Tree:
See what our clients are Saying!

Puppy training at it's best!

Sue training is personalised, fun and very effective.
All lessons are based around your home and suited around your timetable.
All training methods are passive, adapted to the individual.
Sue's approach to training is unique, friendly and has a very high success rate in treating a myriad of problems. 
She comes very highly recommended and has helped hundreds of dogs
and their owners across Sussex with over 20 years in the dog training business. 
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